A Statement of Solidarity from KCACTF

A Statement of Solidarity from KCACTF

KCACTF stands in solidarity and support of our black students, faculty, artists, and citizens. We pledge our resources to do our part to aid in the effort to dismantle institutional racism and the inequities that have contributed to the divide that exists in our country.
We believe the call for action is critical at this time.

In August of 2019, KCACTF implemented the RED (Representation, Equity, Diversity) Initiative with a National RED Chair office and Regional RED chairs in all of our eight KCACTF regions. The RED Chairs are at this moment at work to create an action plan for our organization. We are committed to being part of the change. Look for additional information coming from our RED leaders in the next few weeks.

We envision a world where the arts can offer healing, understanding, empathy, but above all can tell all of our stories. KCACTF is determined to create safe and equitable spaces where every person’s story is heard and honored!

We are listening. We invite our theatre faculty, staff, and students across the nation to join us in the anti-racist work of interrogating ourselves, our institutions, and systems in order to secure justice for all.

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