Fall 2020 Production Entries and Responses

The following info is about Production Registrations (for the Fall, only), Responses and appropriate nominations.  Please note that information about Festival Registration, Schedule, individual program protocols, requirements and submission dates (Irene Ryans, DTM, Musical Theatre, etc…) will be announced by October 1.

1)  ALL Fall 2020 Production Registrations fees are waived  Any existing credits, from a show not produced or responded to from this past Spring, will be put towards a future entry.

2)  ALL productions are eligible to be considered for possible invitation to be presented at the 2021 virtual festival including recognition for National Awards.  (For the Fall 2020 ONLY, the standard levels of Associate vs. Participating entries are being suspended, though we ask that you indicate whether you wish for the work to be considered for invitation so that we may assign appropriate selectors/respondents).

3)  ALL production responses will be held online.  Respondents will not travel to any school for an in-person response.  This is for the safety and welfare for all involved.

4) IF your program/school is NOT presenting a traditional theatre production (live and in person), or a Virtual Production (via ZOOM, for example), there are options.  Class Projects can be also entered as a “production.”  For example, an Acting class that has a showcase of scenes and/or monologues, or an devised piece of some kind, or an DTM (design, technology, management) related course that generates a “paper project.” Nominations/submissions can come out of these activities in the same manner they do for traditional shows.

5) PERFORMANCE NOMINATIONS  For each entry, and in discussion between the respondent and director/faculty, up to 3 Irene Ryans nominations are permitted (and corresponding alternates).  Up to 2 Musical Theatre nominations are permitted (and corresponding alternates).


Please email Co-Chair, Tom Rothacker at tomkcactf1@gmail.com

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