2021 DTM Expo Overview

We CELEBRATE all the diverse and innovative work being done in the nation in the areas of Design, Technology, and Management.

This festival season has already proven to be a very unique and unprecedented year in academic theatre. We want to celebrate all your efforts in creating theatre in this unique time in our world today. Whether your 2020 design and technology work was fully “realized and produced” or “non-realized and non-produced”, we want you to submit your work. We encourage students to also submit their work on productions that might have been canceled or postponed this past spring due to COVID-19.

All work is eligible this year to participate in the National DTM Program.                                                                                     

To be eligible, students must:

  • Have designed or created a technology project at their home institution in 2020.
  • Be a bona fide student in 2020;
  • Be registered for and attend the virtual Regional Festival to showcase their project and participate in response sessions.

The purpose of the DTM exhibition and response is to provide student designers and technicians with the opportunity to showcase their work at the regional festival, receive feedback from professionals working in the field, and potentially exhibit their work at the National Festival in April, and USITT.

Students may share design and technical work in the areas of scenery, costume, lighting, sound, and/or allied crafts.

Participants must attend the Region 1 Virtual Festival, display the materials and documentation of their design process and execution according to established specifications and present their material to a panel of professional guest respondents.

Student work is appraised on the basis of quality, effectiveness, originality, and visual presentation techniques.

Design at the National Festival

One student in each design discipline (Costume, Lighting, Scenic, and Sound) will be selected from each region to participate in the National Festival.

At the National Festival, students will have an opportunity to present their design projects and network with student and professional designers from across the country. Students will be eligible for various professional training opportunities, fellowships, and recognitions based on their projects and work during the festival.

Design/Technology Expo Submission Guidelines

Stage Management Expo Submission Guidelines

Please be sure to Register for the Regional Festival!

If you have any questions, please contact: DTM Co-Chairs Erika Guay & Emmett Buhmann; DTM Co-Vice Chairs Michael Harvey & Anya Sokolovskaya