Stage Management Fellowships

Student stage managers may attend their regional festival as stage management fellows regardless of whether the production from which they were nominated is itself selected for the regional festival. Regional stage management nominees must register for and attend the Region I festival, bring their materials to and from the regional festival and present and display their materials. Stage managers must present and be responded to by a professional stage manager in order to be eligible for nomination to the National Stage Management Award.

The guest professional, or professionals, will respond to the work of all regional stage management nominees who present at the regional festival. One regional stage management recipient (national stage management finalist) will be selected. The selection process may include other guest respondents as determined by the regional design & technology chair.

Eligibility Requirements for the Region 1 Festival

  1. Students who have stage managed any realized production at an institution which had at least one KCACTF response in the calendar year are eligible to participate with the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship.
  2. Student stage managers may be nominated by the KCACTF respondent, their director, or an appropriate faculty mentor, but may also submit their application on their own initiative if desired.
  3. Stage Manager Nominees must submit the following:
    • a letter of intent, written solely by the student, which includes a short commentary of the stage manager’s ‘approach statement’, a brief statement about why the student believes they may gain a positive experience by participating in the regional festival and their intention to practice stage management in the future.
    • A current resume.

All documents and application must be submitted no later than December 15th. Any late applications will be considered on the discretion of the Fellowship Coordinator and fellowship availability.

Participation at the Stage Management Fellowship

Each student is required to bring his or her prompt script/production book(s) from the entered production.

The prompt script should be the genuine book(s) the student used during the actual production. It should not be beautified or improved after closing night (though materials should NOT include personal cast/crew contact information. Such information must be expunged. A sample of contact paperwork in blank form will be accepted in lieu of the original).

The prompt script should consist of ALL of the production’s paperwork; these should include, but are not limited to:

·     The “Blocking Script” and the “Calling Script”, as one or more books, with blocking and cue-calling notation.

·     Rehearsal and performance notes, as presented to the production/design team.

·     Schedules, including rehearsals, tech rehearsals, etc.

·     Pre-show/post-show checklists, shift schedules, scene breakdowns, etc.

·     Forms, schedules, lists, and plots.

·     Important/necessary emails and communications.

All the above materials should be the bona fide working versions, created and used during the actual production process.

Students should place a hard copy of their “letter of intent” from their application as the cover page within their prompt scripts.

Prompt scripts will be exhibited as part of the regional “Design Expo.” Stage managers, unlike their design counterparts, do NOT prepare a display along with their prompt script(s). Fellowship participants will display their books ONLY. The prompt script(s) will be assigned a display location during check-in and left available for examination by respondent(s) and festival attendees.

If the production is an official “Invited Festival Production” at the regional festival, a photocopy of that production’s prompt script(s) may be substituted for the original along with an explanatory sign, at the stage manager’s discretion. This should be arranged in conjunction with the Region 1 Fellowship Coordinator.

All eligible stage managers – regardless of experience – are encouraged to participate!

Additional Opportunities for Stage Management Fellows

Each regional stage management student may volunteer to stage manage a festival event (Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions, National Playwriting Program, Directing and Choreography, etc.) alongside the regional faculty coordinator and host school. After you’ve registered for your regional festival, contact the Regional Stage Management Coordinator at to discuss your options.  It is a rewarding way to experience event stage management, boost your skills, and contribute to your region.

Stage managing a Festival Event is NOT a requirement for regional festival participation, nor is it a criterion for the National Stage Management Fellowship.


Stage Managers MUST ensure that the name of their college or university IS NOT visible on ANY of their materials.

Be careful to maintain the privacy of individuals – do not include any paperwork that might indicate private information of cast, crew, or production staff. Examples: any lists with social security numbers; medical information forms; or email or mailing addresses and phone numbers.

The regional stage manager finalist will be announced at the awards ceremony for the Region I festival. See festival program for dates and times of ceremony.