Dramaturgy Application

Please use this form to sign up for onsite Dramaturgy programs or for National & Regional Awards.  Deadline for Dramaturgy Program Application is 12/20/19. Festival Registration is required separately.

Select all that apply. Guerrilla Dramaturgs will experience page to stage! Work on new play development for the week of the festival. Dramaturgs will collaborate with playwright, director and actors on a public reading of a new play. You will be a script reader and part of the production team. Guerrilla Dramaturgs do not need to bring anything to the festival other than intellectual curiosity and a desire for an exciting collaborative experience. (A laptop is useful, but not required.) They will be given their assigned play before the start of the festival and will be part of that production team throughout the week.

Theresa Lang
Chair of Dramaturgy KCACTF Region 1
Boston Conservatory at Berklee