2022 Irene Ryan Scholarship Audition Guidelines

As we work to restore safe and brave classrooms and production practices, in the face of public health uncertainty, the National Committee of KCACTF has revised the criteria for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarships for the 2022 Festival year; regional scholarship processes in January and February 2022, and the national scholarship process in Washington DC in April 2022.

The goal of these changes for 2022 is to encourage student actors across the nation to audition for the acting scholarship while eliminating as many barriers to access as possible. You will note that students who elect to support a peer as a partner will also be eligible to prepare their own audition to be considered for this scholarship.

The complete audition process for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship for the 2022 Festival season will be student preparation of a total of 6 minutes of work, consisting of two monologues and a scene with a partner, constructed as follows:

Guidelines for Recordings:

  • Virtual submissions will be recorded with one camera and or phone.
  • All performances/recordings must be presented in one continuous take with NO internal cuts or post production editing, including lower thirds or other graphics.
  • The performance must be recorded using a three-quarter shot, so the nominee is framed from the knees up.
  • Please record with a source of light directly in front of you. How To Record A Perfect self tape for Audition At Home! – Bombay Actors Guide
  • The quality of the recording will not be considered when evaluating preliminary round submissions.
  • Timing of the audition will begin with the first action or word in character following the setup and introduction and will not stop from that point onward.
  • Students should consider the needs of internet access and bandwidth necessary to upload videos to sites such as YOUTUBE.

The Preliminary Round
The Preliminary Round will be one recorded monologue, not to exceed 90 seconds, recorded and uploaded to the Region’s hosting site. SUBMIT HERE.

The Semi-Final Round
The Semi-Final Round will consist of a scene with a partner and a second monologue, recorded and uploaded to the Region’s hosting site. The total running time of the Semi-Final Round will not exceed five (5) minutes.

The Final Round
The Final Round will consist of both monologues from the Preliminary and Semi-Finals Rounds, and the scene from the Semi-Final Round, recorded and uploaded to the Region’s hosting site. The order of the Final Round audition material will be determined by the students in consultation with their mentor(s).

  • All public health protocols and requirements observed by the students’ home institution will be observed in the preparation of the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship audition.
  • Musical Theatre elements (songs or duets) will not be part of the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship audition process in 2022. Actors who sing are encouraged to participate in
    the Region’s Musical Theatre programming, in addition to the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship process.
  • The Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nomination process will continue, but continuing the practice inaugurated in 2021, students may self-nominate for the Scholarship process, preparing an audition based on the criteria above.
  • Students may partner with another nominee and also be considered for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship themselves. These students will prepare the two monologues described in the criteria above and will have the option to utilize the same scene described above or a second scene with either the same partner or another student.
  • The National Scholarship format will be the same as the Regional Final Round. If public health circumstances dictate, the national format may be revised.

Submit your Intent to Participate by December 15th. This is separate from Festival Registration, but necessary to “enroll” you in the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship process.


  • Tuesday January 4th, 2022 11:59 PM – Preliminary Round Material Deadline
  • Tuesday January 25th, 2022 6:00 PM – Irene Ryan Semi Material Deadline
  • Friday January 28th, 2022 6:00 PM – Irene Ryan Final Round Material Deadline