2022 Stage Management Expo


We CELEBRATE all the diverse and innovative work being done in the nation in the areas of Design, Technology and Management.

This festival season has already proven to be a very unique and unprecedented year in academic theatre. We want to celebrate all your efforts in creating theatre in this unique time in our world today. Whether your 2021 design and technology work was fully “realized and produced” or “non-realized and non-produced”, we want you to submit your work. We encourage students to also submit their work on productions that might have been cancelled or postponed this past spring due to COVID-19.

All work is eligible this year to participate in the National DTM Program.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Have designed or created a technology project at their home institution in 2021.
  • Be a bona fide student in 2021;
  • Be registered for and attend the virtual Regional Festival to showcase their project and participate in response sessions.

Stage Management Expo 

Students will present a stage management project, comprised of materials, which clearly tell the story of the process, evolution, rehearsal, and realization of the project. A team of theatre stage management professionals and respond to the projects.

Supporting materials that have proven most useful include combinations of the following: call script, blocking notation, script analysis, actor/character breakdown, performance & production reports, checklists, calendars, rehearsal schedule, daily schedule, tech schedule, sign-in sheets, callboard materials, contact form, emergency contact form, and photos from the show. This is in no way meant to be a definitive list. Choose elements that best articulate and document the conceptual approach, process, and the production.

How to Participate

Materials to submit BY Jan 26, 2022*  

  • Student presentations will be in the form of a PowerPoint Slideshow.  Please CLICK HERE to access the template file. Once there, download the file to your computer and you will be able to edit the slides.
  • On the first slide, students will provide their name, discipline title, event/play/piece title with playwright’s name, and other designers/collaborators clearly labeled with an easy-to-read font. Do not include the name of your school on any of your slides.
  • On the second slide, students will provide a YouTube link to one video (3-minute maximum) introducing respondents to their approach to stage management, and your future goals as a stage manager. Please do not embed the recording into the slideshow, as this will make your file too large to submit.
  • Students will submit a minimum of 10, and a maximum of 15 slides.
  • Students will submit no more than 15 slides total (including title card and video card).
  • Students may include photos and/or videos of the project, process, and production.
  • Please watch the following video for additional information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzC3LsDUMy0

Once complete, register and submit your presentation HERE by Jan 26, 2022.

This deadline allows respondents the proper time to view your work. This link only submits your DTM Expo materials.  You must also Register for the Regional Festival.

* This deadline allows respondents proper time to view your work!

Check our Region’s website for details as well as for specifics on logistics, technical provisions, and organization, as they are configured. Students are responsible for their own festival registrations, DTM registration, and other forms. Additional questions should be directed to your regional DTM Co-Chairs