SDC Directing Initiative


Participants must be bona fide students at the time of the regional festival, submit their directing materials as below, and must register for the KCACTF Region 1 festival.

Entry Process

Students participating in the SDC Directing Initiative must first submit a program enrollment form.  To allow you ample time to prepare your materials, we recommend submitting your enrollment no later than December 15th, 2021.

Once you have enrolled, you will receive detailed instructions on building your Director’s Book. To allow appropriate time for respondents and program coordinators to prepare the materials for respondents and to schedule sessions, the deadline to submit completed materials is January 15th 2022.


Questions or concerns: Please email the Region 1 SDC Directing Chair, Tommy Costello, at:

SDC Directing Initiative Festival Events

Pre-Festival: (asynchronous) Interested students will submit their application material: resume, statement of interest, directorial concept pitch video, and director’s book – all outlined below.  Students who submit complete material will be accepted as SDC Directing Initiative Candidates for the festival. During the week prior to the festival, students will have access to view their fellow directing candidates’ pitch videos.

Preliminary Round: (synchronous, closed) The preliminary round will allow each student to briefly introduce their conceptual production (live) to the group. After the presentations the respondent(s) will react to both the live and pre-submitted work in front of the closed gathering of directors and teachers/mentors. All of the candidates are required to attend this preliminary round feedback session. Teachers/mentors who are the nominators-of-record for the student director are welcome, but not required, to attend.

Festival Directing Work: After the preliminary round, select directing candidates will be asked to advance their work in different forms.  Some may be invited to direct readings of new work, some may be invited to work with designers to refine their conceptual pitches, some may be invited to assist or shadow other directors.

Interview Round:  (synchronous,closed) Directors who are chosen for the final round will attend closed individual interviews with the respondents. At this time, the director’s book, written statements and approach will be discussed. No teachers/mentors or actors are allowed to participate in this phase of the event.

Final Round: (synchronous, open) A select group of directing candidates will advance to the final round, where they will pitch their conceptual vision for their selected scene live. The final round will occur at least two days following the preliminary round to allow the director and actors to work on the scene based on feedback from the preliminary round.  

SDC Directing Concurrent Sessions: (synchronous, open) Throughout the festival, the SDC Directing Initiative will host a series of  workshops and masterclasses for students interested in the craft of stage directing and choreography. These concurrent sessions will be open to all students registered for the festival, and it is expected that directing candidates will attend all SDC Directing concurrent sessions.

For additional information on the Eligibility and the Event, please visit the KCACTF National website.

Click here for a complete breakdown of the SDC Directing Submission Guidelines.