Fringe – Call for Submissions

Submit your Fringe-worthy Performance Proposal today!
Fringe Friday is an open call for schools and/or student groups to submit work (not to exceed 30 minutes) that exists “on the fringe” of popular entertainment. Fringe Friday aims towards inclusivity – celebrating and creating space at the margins for unheard voices and for innovative approaches to performance. Fringe Friday provides a spotlight to theatre, dance, puppetry, music, spoken word, solo performance, and performance art without a focus on one single discipline or genre. Participating in Fringe Friday is different than producing your own show. Your show is part of a larger experience of the Fringe – with several presentations in two venues throughout the day.

The Fringe schedule runs at a fast pace, and our timeline is compressed. Reasonable requests in other circumstances could be an unrealistic request in the Fringe. Please trust in, and adhere to, our guidelines and rules to keep everything running smoothly. We ask you be professional, on time and prepared for a great day!


Basic Information

  • Fringe Friday takes place on Friday January 31, 2020 at the Resort and Conference Center Hyannis (RCCH) in Hyannisport East & West.
  • Deadline for submissions is January 15th.
  • All submissions will be reviewed and notified by January 20th.
  • Submissions are not limited to original works; selections from full-length works are welcome (not to exceed 30 minutes in length).

Performance Space: What You’ll Get

  • One 90 minute slot – This includes set up, tech, audience in (see below), 30 minute performance slot, audience out, and load out.
  • Basic lighting and sound capabilities. Sound files must be delivered via drop box the by deadline provided in acceptance notification (It will be a quick turnaround).
  • A Stage Manager and Front of House
  • A short tech time to work with lighting, sound and cueing (this is a part of your 90 minutes). Lighting will be limited to “lights up, lights down.”
  • Up to 6 chairs, a table and actor cubes
  • Scenery such as platforms or sets requiring assembly are not permitted

What You Are Responsible For

  • Submitting a complete application
  • Finding/creating your 30-minute selection. This includes actors, performers, musicians, directors.
  • Acquiring any necessary rights or permissions for your show.
  • Providing costumes, props, and cues for your show.
  • Presenting your fully rehearsed selection, not to exceed 30 minutes in length.

Ready to Submit Your Work?
ONE individual from your group should submit your application.