Institute for Theatre Journalism & Advocacy

Students in the Institute for Theater Journalism and Advocacy participate in a multi-session mini-course in arts journalism with faculty members from across the region and special guest professional critics and journalists.

For 2022, students from all 8 KCACTF regions will participate in a UNIFIED ITJA program in addition to select programming during the Region 1 Festival dates.

During this UNIFIED ITJA program, one student from each region may be selected to have their work developed as part of the KCACTF National Festival. There, student critics write reviews while studying with a variety of professional critic mentors, and may be eligible to earn a scholarship to the O’Neill Institute for Theater Criticism.

What to Expect

ITJA 2022 will include nine hours of gatherings on Zoom—not counting time spent watching virtual productions or writing assignments—over three weeks.

Two hours each Saturday will include master classes and workshops with professional theatre journalists. The third hour is a “homeroom” that will be scheduled and hosted by regional ITJA coordinators during the week. This time will be spent in discussion and examining assignments.

All students will receive feedback on their work from faculty and professional theatre journalists in the third week. One student from each region will be selected to attend the National Festival for ITJA.


Week One: Saturday, February 12; 2:00-4:00PM Eastern

Regional Homeroom – 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Week Two: Saturday, February 19; 2:00-4:00PM Eastern

Regional Homeroom – 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Week Three: Saturday, February 26; 2:00-4:00PM Eastern

Regional Response Session – 4:00 – 5:00 PM


Register for ITJA here. You will only be asked to sign up; no need to prepare a resume, cover letter, or writing sample. You do not need to be nominated by a faculty member to participate.

Students interested in writing, criticism, and even literary management are encouraged to register for this program or contact the regional Chair for information about The Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy in their region. Whether you hope to become a professional arts journalist or just love talking and writing about theater, ITJA is a fantastic Festival opportunity.

Any questions may be directed to the Chair; we look forward to having you join us!

Donald P. Gagnon
Chair, Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy
Western Connecticut State University