2023 MTSA Confirmed Candidate Materials Submission Form

Confirmed MTSA Candidates must use this form to submit their their song selections and materials no later than 11:59 pm January 9th, 2023.

This deadline allows us to share accompaniment information with Festival accompanists so that they may familiarize themselves with the music.
It also allows us to address any material selection overlaps so that candidates who might have chosen the same materials will not perform back to back.

Please look up your entry by first and last name; please note that only CONFIRMED candidates will appear in this look up.  If you have any trouble finding your record, and you are a confirmed MTSA candidate, please contact [email protected] right away.

Choosing Your Material

  • Your audition package must include the following:
    1. One “full” song*, and
    2. One 16-32 bar audition cut.
  • The entire package may not exceed 3’30” (3 minutes and 30 seconds), from the first note played or sung.
  • The pieces should be from a published piece written for the musical theatre stage, and contrasting in style (it is your choice which is the full song and which is the cut).
  • Selections must be from selections written for the musical theatre stage; however, we encourage the creative re-imagining of classic repertoire. Questions regarding appropriateness of selections may be directed to the MTSA Chair*Your “full” song may be cut to fit the allotted time

Submitting Your Song Selections

  • The 2-song package will be due on 1/9/23:
    • This includes the entire 3’30” package (with both the full song and the 16-32 bar cut)
    • All submissions are due no later than 11:59pm on January 9, 2022
    • Please note that this is a hard deadline, so we can begin to prepare materials for our time together!