Musical Theatre Scholarship Auditions – New Criteria for 2021!

The Musical Theatre Scholarship Audition program is open to those students who received a nomination from their work in a produced show as well as any student who wishes to submit an Independent Entry to the program.

Additionally, this year we will have two paths for students participating in the MTSA Program:

1. Singing Only

2. Dancing Only

3. Singing & Dancing

For either path (either nominated from a Production or Independent entry), students must submit a Preliminary Entry Form by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2020


Choosing Your Material

  • Material for the singing portion must include the following:
    1. One “full” song*, and
    2. One 16-32 bar audition cut.
  • The entire package may not exceed 3.5 minutes, from the first note played or sung. The pieces should be from a published piece written for the musical theatre stage, and contrasting in style. Your submission must include (it is your choice which is the full song and which is the cut):
    1. One piece written on or before 1965 
    2. One piece written after 1965
  • Selections must be from selections written for the musical theatre stage; however, we encourage the creative re-imagining of classic repertoire. Questions regarding appropriateness of selections may be directed to the MT Chair or Vice-Chair.*Your “full” song may be cut to fit the allotted time
  • Guidelines for the optional dancing submission can be found HERE

Submitting Your Material

  • All materials must be pre-recorded and submitted no later than January 5.
    • This includes the entire 3.5 minute package (with both the full song and the 16-32 bar cut) for the singing portion as well as all dance audition submissions.
    • Submit materials via the link that was sent out via Slack.  
    • All submissions are due no later than TUESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2021.
  • Each MTSA Singing video submission must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • One video that contains both songs will be uploaded onto YouTube. You will include this link on your Submission Form.
    • Recording instructions and guidelines:
      • Have your pre-recorded accompaniments ready to go on a separate device from the one you are recording with.
      • Have BOTH of your pre-recorded accompaniments on one track, with a 5-7 second silence between the two so that you can record one song after the other in one take, without having to stop and find a new track.
      • Record on your phone or tablet in “portrait” mode so that your torso and head can clearly be seen as you are standing in the frame. Be sure that your phone or tablet is recording you at head-level, so that you are not looking down or up into the camera.
      • Try to have a neutral background, and good lighting facing you. Don’t record with a window or light behind you! You don’t want to film yourself in or as a shadow.
      • Slate as follows: “Hello! My name is ________ and I am nominee number ____. Today I will be performing “Song Title” from “Musical Title”, followed by “Song Title” from “Musical Title.” Do not mention the name of your school! Numbers will be sent via Slack.
      • Start the accompaniment track immediately after your finish your slate.
      • The performances/recordings must be presented in one continuous take with NO internal or post-production editing.
    • On or about January 12, 2021: The 36 MTSA nominees who will participate in the Singing Preliminary Round and Masterclasses will be announced. There will be no need to resubmit material at this time.
  • Each MTSA Dance video submission must adhere to the following guidelines:
    • File names must be labeled as follows: Your_Name_MTSA_Nominee ##_Dancing   (your number will be given to you by Jan 1)
    • Slate as follows: Please make sure that your slate and choreographed piece(s) are in one video file, stating the following: ““Hello! My name is ________ and I am nominee number ____. I am _____ feet ____ inches tall,” followed by your preferred dance styles.  Please do not include the name of your school!
    • The performances/recordings must be presented in one continuous take with NO internal or post-production editing.
    • On or about January __ 2021 (date tbd) the dance nominees participating in the final showcase will be announced.
  • On January 26, After the nominees participate in the Masterclasses, 12 Singing finalists and approximately 5 Dance Finalists (number may change based on capacity) will be announced.
    • These Finalists will then have 24-36 hours to resubmit all material, which will be streamed at the MTSA Showcase.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in elimination from the program.