2024 Acting Scholarship Auditions

General Information:

The Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Auditions provide an opportunity for student actors to submit samples of their work, receive feedback from respondents, and be considered for a scholarship.  The Scholarship Auditions are open to all students; anyone may self-nominate and submit their work for review and feedback. Please note that due to time and capacity, entries will be limited to the first 200 student submissions received.

To Participate:

      Submit a paid registration by Friday, January 19th, 2024 at 11:59 PM

  • Submit the preliminary round video no later than Friday, January 5th, 2024 at 11:59 PM
  • Students must also provide their semi-final round scene partner name and semi-final round material selections by Friday, January 5th, 2024 at 11:59 PM. (Title of play, playwright, publisher, etc.).
  • Any student interested in participating may submit to the Preliminary Rounds; participation is not limited to Production Nominees.


Submit your Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Audition Video HERE!


What to Expect:

Round 1, The Preliminary Round

     What to Prepare

  • What to prepare: 2 contrasting monologues
  • Time limit: 3 minutes total (including slate).
  • Format: Pre-recorded submissions, submitted to KCACTF Website by January 5th, 2024                   
  • Note: Preliminary round feedback responses (with faculty) will take place via Zoom between Monday, January 22rd, 2024 and Thursday, January 25th, 2024. A specific date and time will be assigned closer to the response week.
  • Those moving on the semi-finals will be announced Wednesday morning at festival via social media

Round 2, The Semi-Final Round

     What to Prepare

  • 1 monologue (from the preliminary round, student’s choice), 1 scene
  • Time limit: 5 minutes total.
  • Format: Performed live at festival.

Round 3, The Final Round

    What to Prepare

  • 2 contrasting monologues from Preliminary Round and the one scene from Semi-Final Round
  • Time limit: 6 minutes total.
  • Format: To be performed live at festival.

Selecting Material and Criteria for Evaluation:

Choose material (two contrasting monologues and one scene) that both showcases your talent AND you have fun performing. When rehearsing, consider the criteria that will be used to evaluate the auditions. 

  • Ability to urgently pursue strong, clear objectives.
  • Ability to partner.
  • Ability to make varied, specific and bold acting choices.
  • Mastery of an expressive and flexible vocal and physical instrument.
  • Demonstration of facility with language and a clear understanding of the text.
  • Ability to demonstrate range and contrast.

Additional Information:

  • Two candidates can serve as scene partners for each other. If both candidates advance, they will perform the scene twice – in each participant’s time slot.
  • Candidates and partners must have a paid registration by Friday, January 19th, 2024 at 11:59 PM and both must be able to present in person.
  • For tips on self-taping, slating, and how to submit for the preliminary rounds, please visit https://www.kcactfregion1.org/

Material Selection Guidelines:

1. Carefully choose two contrasting monologues totaling no more than 3 minutes, including your slate.

2. Ensure your pieces are sourced from published plays; self-written material is not permissible.

3. Verify that the publishing company allows performance of the selected play; contact them for clarifications if needed.

4. Prioritize material that authentically reflects your own experiences while respecting the playwright’s casting intentions.

KCACTF has relationships with many publishers/rights-holders, and very specific guidelines exist on what materials can and cannot be used for the Irene Ryan competition.   Follow this LINK and look under “Royalties and Permissions” to determine whether your selection can be performed at KCACTF.


Self-Taping Recommendations:

 While video quality won’t affect evaluation, follow these suggestions for presenting your work effectively.

1. Record in a quiet environment, including turning off any fans or heaters.

2. If using a phone, record in landscape orientation (horizontal).

3. Opt for a neutral or solid background, such as a blank wall, curtain, or blue/green screen.

4. Illuminate your face with a front light, like a ring light or desk lamp.

5. Utilize the built-in microphone on your camera, phone, or computer, but review your recording for clarity.

6. Position the camera at eye level and frame yourself from head to waist.

7. For your monologue, place your imagined scene partner slightly to the left or right of the camera; avoid direct eye contact if the character is not speaking to the audience.

 Slate Instructions:

1. Directly address the camera.

2. State your name and the titles of the pieces you will perform, ensuring a smooth transition between them.

3. Omit mentioning your school or whether you are respondent nominated or self-nominated.

 Post-Recording Guidelines:

1. Confirm your satisfaction with your performance before dismantling your setup.

2. Video editing is not allowed; perform both pieces consecutively without cuts, graphics, or edits to replicate in-person auditions.

3. Save your video and upload it to YouTube, selecting the “UNLISTED” option to enable viewing via a link.

4. Label the video with your first and last name.

5. Provide the video link on your submission form.

Key Considerations for a Successful Audition:

1. Define Your Objective: It is imperative to establish a clearly defined objective for your audition. Understand precisely what you intend to elicit from your audience, whether it be another individual or yourself in the case of a soliloquy. Determine the desired response or action you seek upon the conclusion of your performance.

2. Impart Stakes and Urgency: Convey a profound sense of stakes and urgency in your presentation. Articulate to yourself the significance of delivering your message promptly and the consequences that may ensue should your objectives remain unmet. Allow this sense of purpose to serve as a motivating force, propelling you towards the achievement of your goals.

3. Comprehend Your Scene Partner: Cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the individual with whom you are engaging. Ascertain their identity and evaluate your emotions towards them within the immediate context. Furthermore, keenly observe and adapt to their responses as you engage in dialogue.

4. Embrace Fearless Auditioning: Approach your audition with unwavering commitment. Envision it as if you were performing the climactic scene of a play, rather than merely commencing an opening act. In short, relish the experience, for your enthusiasm will resonate with your audience and enhance their enjoyment.


Wishing you a successful audition and may your participation in the festival be thoroughly rewarding!