Theatre Journalism & Advocacy

Theatre Journalism & Advocacy

Students interested in writing, criticism, and even literary management are encouraged to register for this program or contact the regional Chair for information about The Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy (ITJA) in their region. Whether you hope to become a professional arts journalist or just love talking and writing about theater, ITJA is a fantastic Festival opportunity.

Students in the ITJA program will participate in a multi-session mini course in arts journalism, with a special emphasis on advocacy. Students will receive feedback on various forms of arts journalism—theatre reviews, interviews with professionals, editorial responses—from professionals from the worlds of theatre and academics.

What to Expect
ITJA 2024 will comprise three 60-minute workshop sessions, plus the opening/orientation meeting. The program may be attended in-person or virtually via Zoom. Participants will choose from among the following options:

  • Attend Festival productions and prepare written critical reviews (in-person Festival registration and attendance required)
  • Craft interviews with professionals
  • Develop critical commentary on an issue central to the performing arts

Students will submit their drafts by 9 a.m. the day of the subsequent workshop. Mentors will provide feedback in that day’s session. Students may submit one or two new works for
feedback, with the final workshop reserved for feedback on a revision. Because of the amount of feedback required, there will be a limit of twelve participants.

Tuesday, January 30, 9-10 p.m.: Opening/orientation session
Thursday, February 2, 3-4:15 p.m.: Workshop 1
Friday, February 3, 3-4:15 p.m.: Workshop II
Saturday, February 4, 12-1:15 p.m. Workshop III

At the end of the workshops, one student from the region may be selected to have his/her/their work developed as part of the KCACTF National Festival later in the year. There, student critics write reviews while studying with a variety of professional critics and mentors, and they may be eligible to receive a scholarship to the O’Neill Institute for Theater Criticism.

Please be sure you have filled out a Student Program Inquiry Form and selected “Theatre Journalism & Advocacy” to stay apprised of program guidelines and any deadlines. Full In-Person or Virtual Festival Registration is required.+

+If students wish to pursue writing theatre reviews, they must register for and attend the in-person festival. Invited productions will not be livestreamed.