Enter a Production

Regional Production Entry

There is no limit to the number of productions a school may enter in the festival. Productions may be registered in the KCACTF at any time during the year, however we ask that productions be entered no later than 30 days prior to the opening night to allow adequate time to schedule a respondent(s).

Why enter a production?

There are many reasons to enter a production in KCACTF Region 1 , but the most important is that students receive feedback on their work from a visiting faculty respondent.

In addition:

  • Students have the opportunity to make presentations of their work at the regional festival. Many theatre departments promote their student’s participation as equivalent to a student being invited to present a paper at a regional conference.
  • Students attending the Region Festival network with peers and many experience, for the first time, a powerful community of citizen artists
  • Students attending the Region Festival have the opportunity to attend workshops and to have their work responded to by professional artists.
  • Individual faculty have opportunities to attend seminars at the Regional Festival.
  • Student work and school productions are eligible for national recognition.

Production Registration Process

The Kennedy Center has launched a new production registration platform. Please visit this link and follow the instructions. You may direct any questions to Kelsey Mesa at [email protected].

Register Your Production HERE

For the 2024-2025 academic year, production entry fees are as follows:

  • Associate Virtual Production Responses – $50
  • Participating Virtual Production Responses – $75
  • Associate In-Person Production Response – $275
  • Participating In-Person Production Response $350

 How does the Production Response Process Work?