Design, Technologies & Management (DTM)

Welcome to Design, Technologies & Management

The festival is an exciting time for all DTM students. Every year we have state-of-the-art sessions that explore subjects in design, technologies, and management — including design tools & techniques, career opportunities, creating the ideal portfolio, stage management, grad school, and more.

Design & Technology Expo

The DTM Expo is an opportunity for students to share their set, lighting, sound, costume, stage management, and allied craft projects with theatre professionals and fellow designers. The Expo also features the latest technology and equipment, with vendors displaying their latest products.

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Technical Internships

Student stage carpenters, riggers, electricians, board operators, and sound technicians are all encouraged to join the Festival’s Technical Intern team. For 2021, Technical Interns will receive training in our Virtual Event Platform and support Festival production behind the scenes. You will also have specialized opportunities to learn about virtual broadcast technologies, sound and video engineering and more. 

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Stage Management Expo

Stage Managers are encouraged to submit a portfolio for the Stage Manager program, which offers an opportunity to present your work to, and receive feedback from, professionals working in the field. Stage Managers may also have the chance to work behind the scenes with Festival programs such as the Irene Ryan Auditions, the National Playwriting Program (NPP), SDC Directing program, Fringe Festival, and more. 

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Tech Olympics

The Tech Olympics is a fun, competitive event where individual students race against the clock and show their prowess in skills such as knot tying, quick changes, hanging and focusing a light instrument, cut lists, and more. Individual and team awards are presented and the winning school plans the next year’s contest!

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Visit the following areas for details on how to register for the DTM Expo, the Stage Management Expo, and the Technical Internship Program!