Design, Technologies & Management (DTM)

Design, Technologies & Management (DTM)

The festival has exciting opportunities for all DTM participants. Every year, students attend workshops on state-of-the-art subjects in design, technology, and management in the theatre industry. You’ll be introduced to design tools & techniques, career opportunities, creating the ideal portfolio, management strategies, grad school, and more!

DTM Expo

The DTM Expo is an opportunity for students to share their work with fellow theatre professionals from across the country. The gallery of student work features realized and unrealized productions from the last 12 months, which every student is welcome to peruse and interact with. Based on their work, students get a personalized feedback session from a group of professional respondents, and can even win scholarships, trips to the national conference in Washington DC, and other prizes. Areas that qualify to enter the expo are:

  • Scenic Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Costume Design

  • Sound Design

  • Projection Design

  • Hair & Makeup Design

  • Production & Stage Management

  • Allied Crafts

    • Technical Direction

    • Properties & Crafts

    • Sound Engineering

    • Paint Charge Artist

    • Master Electrician

    • Puppeteering

Click here for DTM Expo Information and Details!

Practice Sessions

Ever wanted to stretch your presentation skills or exercise those interview muscles? You’ll have the opportunity to practice presenting any of your DTM Expo work or have your resume looked at by professionals in charge of hiring at regional institutions. Get some feedback on a portfolio or website, too!

Vendor Fair

Each year we have local technical specialists bring equipment to the festival for you to play with. Come to the lighting lab and experiment with moving lights. Get your hands on some new sound equipment. Check out the latest products and network with industry professionals and suppliers.

Technical & Stage Management Internships

Student carpenters, riggers, electricians, board operators, sound technicians, and stage managers are all encouraged to join as a Festival Intern. Get an inside view of what it takes to run a successful conference, work with your peers from around the region, and be a part of a team!

Technical Internship Details

Stage Management Internship Details

Tech Olympics

The Tech Olympics is a fun, competitive event where individual students race against the clock and show their prowess in skills such as knot tying, quick changes, hanging and focusing a light instrument, cut lists, and more!