Playwriting (NPP)

The National Playwriting Program (NPP) of KCACTF offers a staggering number of opportunities for playwrights. At Region 1, we encourage you to submit your work and are here to help you through the process.

NPP is dedicated to supporting student playwrights in the development of their original work for the stage, with dramaturgical and performance opportunities that emphasize respect for the written word and for the playwright’s contribution to the theatrical process.

The National Playwriting Program’s Mandate is:

  • To offer progressive mentorship of student playwrights that honors the integrity of individual voice, and is aimed at nurturing students into professional playwrights
  • To strive to create links with individual artists and institutions in the professional sphere, and to provide opportunities for the production of student work
  • To advocate for theatrical text and to preserve the integrity of the playwright’s intent within all stages of the collaborative process.
  • To engage and support faculty members who are developing new work in their theatre programs.

We have endeavored to make the process as smooth as possible; when the inevitable questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Beyond the new play submission process, students can also audition to take part in the presentation of selected 10-minute and one-act plays at Festival. Learn more here.

We look forward to your submissions, and hope to see you at Festival!

Best regards,

James Ryan Caldwell
NPP Chair, Region I
Manhattan College

Rafael Mejia
NPP Vice-Chair, Region I
CUNY Hostos Community College