Vana Trudeau
Region 1 Co-Chair
Tufts University M.A.
Trinity College B.A.
The first four years of my life were spent in a log cabin, with no heat or running water, in the middle of the woods of Maine. I am of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, but grew up in a radical-hippy-turned-radical-evangelical Christian household raised by my birth mother and adoptive father. As a result my childhood swung wildly between free-range and repressive. My second attempt at community college helped me narrowly avoid personal catastrophe thanks in part to the transformative power of theatre. My work in theatre prioritizes this power, and leans in to work in self-expression, social justice and social change. I live and work on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the unceded lands of the Wampanoag and Nauset tribes, with my husband, two children (when they're not off at college), two cats and 27 fish; and continue in my quest to find a healthy work/life/creative balance.

Cape Cod Community College