Julia Burke
Student Advisory Board
I never knew a life without music. My dad would play his music in the car, in the house, wherever he was and I would take in every note the Willie Nelson or The Beatles gave me. Growing up with music surrounding me, entering my first musical at age 7 was something that I think my family expected. From then on, my life became an endless cycle of school, rehearsal, homework. School, rehearsal, homework. This went on through middle school until I began itching for more than just a life in acting. I found myself listening in on production meetings or watching the adults around me direct and be leaders, and knowing that I had some sort of knowledge that I was eager to present to the leaders. How could I begin to share that knowledge? How could I gain that respect? I began running for student leadership positions, acting on ideas and intuition, demanding a seat at the important meanings, and asking people to listen to my voice as a young woman in theater. I stand by these acts to this day, as they led to many directing and leading positions in theater, music, acapella, etc. Namely, they have led to the creation of two non-profit theater production organizations under my name. Bigger than these great accomplishments though, my passion for leading has given me a new love of theater and music, and a way to recognize others who are like I once was, striving to lead and share their knowledge. As a member of the KCACTF Region One Student Advisory Board, I will uphold these ideals for myself and those around me. Theater needs young women, young people, young adults, young creators.

Emmanuel College