Max Ponticelli
Co-Vice Chair, Design, Technology, Management
University of Rhode Island BFA, Dramatic Arts
University of Rhode Island MBA, Human Resources Certification
I've been involved in performing, in one way or another, since elementary school. Who knew after school choral concerts, talent shows, and high school theatre guild would blossom into a career in the performing arts? I love that I get to pursue what makes me happy, instead of working a typical 9-to-5. I got into education by happenstance, but find it one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I hope I can give back by sharing my mistakes, successes, and wisdom to my future coworkers and (hopefully!) leaders. I am a theatrical mutt, finding curiosity and value in every aspect of our industry, especially in the people who make it happen. I am passionate about making stuff, but also about how the whole machine functions and works together. And then I do love to get onstage to share in a laugh every once in a while. Above all: Be Kind, Do Good Work, Don't Be An Asshole

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