Festival Planning Committee

Job Category: Faculty Leadership Opportunities Guest Artist
Job Type: Volunteer
As part of our ongoing commitment to increase transparency, foster more equitable leadership and reduce volunteer burnout, Region 1 is piloting a decentralized festival planning process for 2023 and 2024. Rather than the traditional hierarchical Chair (or Co-Chair) model, we are assembling a team of passionate educators and professionals to collaboratively lead the region’s festival planning process.

Initial plans are to have a 7 person committee, with a designated committee chair (lower case “c”) to represent the region at appropriate caucus meetings and be the primary fiscal agent.  This individual, along with the other 6 members of the committee, will have designated focus areas such as Budgeting and Financial Reporting, Festival Scheduling, Guest Travel, Hotel, Production Responses, Hospitality, Website Updates, and the like. It is our intent that each committee member be responsible for no more than two focus areas.

This committee will work in partnership with the Area Chairs of Programming (Dramaturgy, DIrecting, DTM, Musical Theatre, etc.), and each member would serve for 2-3 festivals.
We would be delighted to have you join this team based on your expertise and commitment to the mission of KCACTF.

Welcome candidates!

We are seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation as well as areas of creative specialty/interest. Please include a brief personal statement that addresses the ways in which your lived experiences might enhance or support diversity within Region 1.

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