2021 Dramaturgy Program & Criteria


Distinctiveness: What is creative about the dramaturg’s approach and/or analysis?
Contextualization: How is the production or project enhanced by dramaturgical analysis or research; alternatively, how is the academic project in dramaturgy imaginatively projected into a larger social, political, academic or artistic setting?
Impact: In what way are the audience, artists or institution enriched by dramaturgical ideas and execution?
Ethics: How are issues that might be raised by the terms of the collaboration or changing responsibilities dealt with and/or resolved?
Significance: How does this project inform, challenge or advance the field of dramaturgy, in general and/or within the student’s school?

Note: Dramaturgy of lived experience is also welcome. You are deeply knowledgeable and well-researched in lived experience and the public square. An analysis of a moment, an encounter, a historical sequence: making meaning of a moment is an appropriate submission as well as more traditional dramaturgies. Lifting up a question from the current moment and moving the conversation forward is a vital dramaturgy of
the contemporary moment.

Dramaturgy Exhibition

A. All student dramaturgs should:

  1. Submit a Dramaturgy Program Entry Form no later than 12/23/20
  2. Submit a Digital Dramaturgy Protocol no later than 1/15/21. (LINK TO BE ACTIVE ON OR ABOUT 12/15/20)

B. Dramaturgy Protocol could include some (or all) of the following:

    1. Preproduction research (including library-based and internet-based scholarly research, textual and visual resources, literary criticism, primary archival research)
    2. Actors’ packets
    3. Director’s packet
    4. Actors presentation
    5. Production presentation
    6. Study Guides
    7. On-line websites created for the show
    8. Program notes
    9. Any kind of promotional materials that the dramaturg contributed to
    10. Lobby Display
    11. Outline of talkbacks
    12. A dramaturgical examination of lived experience or other analysis
    13. Bibliography of sources consulted in the project

C. Please prepare your Digital Dramaturgy Protocol in Powerpoint or Google Slides and submit as a .PDF document.

D. Make sure that all materials are clean, clear, and concise. Materials should be free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

E. All source material should be cited. Include a table of contents and label all materials.