2024 SDC Directing Initiative


Participants must be bona fide students at the time of the regional festival, prepare a scene from the list below, submit their materials by the deadline, and must be registered for the KCACTF Region 1 festival.


Step 1: Submit a Program Inquiry Form and Select your Directing Track

  • Students must submit a program inquiry form. To allow you ample time to prepare your materials, we recommend submitting your inquiry form no later than December 15th, 2023.

Step 2: Select your scene!

Step 3: Prepare Your Scene! 

  • Prior to the Festival, student directors work with student actors from their school to rehearse and prepare their scene for presentation at the Regional Festival. All participants must be registered for the Festival.

Logistics and Technical Information for your scene:

  • The only furniture items permitted and provided will be one table and two chairs.
  • Any hand props or costumes required for the scene must be provided by the director. The regional host and coordinators will not be able to provide props or costumes for the scenes.
  • Costumes may be used (but are not required).
  • Please note that there is no technical support in the way of lighting and sound.
  • The festival will provide a stage manager from the regional event. Directors should come prepared with a script for the regional stage manager.
  • Directors will be allowed a maximum of five minutes to set up for their scene.
  • There will be a five-minute break between scenes for set-up, with a ten-minute break after every fourth scene.
  • Scenes may not be cut, edited, or altered in any way.

Step 4: Submit Your Director’s Materials by January 21, 2024 

  • Visit the 2024 SDC Initiative Program Guideliness for a detailed description of the Submission Requirements.
  • It is important to note that no material should include any information that identifies the school you attend. Although none of the respondents are associated with any of the participating institutions, we ask that you omit this information to maintain equity, fairness, and impartiality.
  • Students will submit the following :
  1. Resume (Optional)
  2. Statement of Interest addressing your interest in the SDC Directing Initiative and what you hope to achieve and learn through involvement in the process. (PDF)
  3. Director’s Book (PDF)

Step 5: Present your scene at Festival!

  • Throughout the festival, SDC students will attend workshops with seasoned directors and work with them to help the students clarify their concepts, expand their skill set, and learn to better communicate with actors and designers. 

Questions or concerns

Please email the Region 1 SDC Directing Chair, Sasha Bratt, at: [email protected]