Marketing Communications Support Associate

Job Category: Faculty Leadership Opportunities Student Leadership Opportunities
Job Type: Stipend

We are seeking a part-time, temporary marketing communications associate to assist with social media, marketing materals and communication in the months leading up to Festival 2022.

Timeline: Immediate need through February 1st.

Responsibilities may include:

    1. Making updates to WordPress site
    2. Creating (editing/publishing) 1-3 videos per Festival area (8-24 videos) of varied lengths (between 3-5 minutes apiece). May include still and animated graphics of text and closed captioning.
    3. Regularly posting updates on our social media platforms.
    4. Posting updates on events and important information during the festival (week before and during the festival week).
    5. Creating 1-page promotional flyers.
Stipend: $1500
Ideal candidates will be a student in Region 1, but the opportunity is open to all.  To apply, submit (3) examples of work and a description of relevant experience.
Sorry! This job has expired.