Bellalorraine Carey-Hicks
Student Advisory Board
My name is Bellalorraine, and I was named for my great-grandmother. I grew up in a small, rural town in Massachusetts. My early years passed by with me holding tightly to my mother’s hand, or wandering in the fields behind my grandparents' house where I would reenact scenes from my storybooks. As I grew older I discovered theatre. First acting, then I found my love of costume design. Something about the way I could speak through sketches and draping fabric allowed me to expand and grow and develop as a person. A shy and quiet girl turned into a person confident enough to remain quiet out of comfort rather than anxiety. Upon reaching Worcester State University, I decided to major in English. My love for feminist, queer, and trauma theory was sparked as I read Morrison and Bechdel, Baldwin and Plath. Somewhere in that haze of self discovery, I added a Visual and Performing Arts major with a concentration in Theatre prompted by professors and peers. There, I renewed my passion for costume design, and strengthened my acting. There, I believe I have finally found myself.

Worcester State University