2024 Musical Theatre Scholarship Auditions

Students who received a PRODUCTION RESPONSE NOMINATION from their institution are eligible to participate as MTSA Candidates.

Students who wish to SELF- NOMINATE are invited to audition for remaining openings in the MTSA program via self-tape.

Please note and adhere to all deadlines – all requested materials are due by 11:59pm on the date indicated, and submissions will be closed after that time.

How does the MTSA work? 


  • Production Nominees must confirm their intent to participate by 12/15/23 
    • This allows us to determine how many additional slots are available for Self-Nominees, and how many selectors/respondents are needed to support the program.
    • If you received a Production Nomination please confirm your intent to participate HERE and then move to STEP TWO
  • If you wish to Self-Nominate, you must submit a 1-minute audition cut by 12/22/23
    • Please review the Guidelines for Self-Nominations
    • All recordings will be screened blindly by selectors in the region. 
    • Selectors will be looking for strong vocal technique and dynamic acting choices that support the creation of unified characters.
    • SELF-NOMINEES  who are selected to be an MTSA Candidate will be notified by Dec. 29th, 2023


  • ALL MTSA  Candidates (Nominees & Selected Self-Nominees) submit their song selection materials in PDF format (i.e. sheet music in the proper key with all the cuts) by 1/8/24
  • Please see the notes below with suggestions for Choosing Your Material

STEP THREE (at Festival!)

  • All MTSA candidates attend masterclasses on Wednesday afternoon
  • Finalists are announced on Thursday evening of Festival week. and will present their full slate of materials at the Showcase on Friday night.
  • All MTSA candidates are a part of the opening number for the Musical Theatre showcase on Friday night and the closing ceremony on Saturday


The following information is only for the confirmed MTSA candidates who will be notified by December 29, 2023. Candidates must submit their song selection material no later than 11:59 pm ET on January 8, 2024.

Choosing Your Material

  • Your audition package must include the following:
    1. One “full” song*, and
    2. One 16-32 bar audition cut.
  • The entire package may not exceed 3’30” (3 minutes and 30 seconds), from the first note played or sung.
  • The pieces should be from a published piece written for the musical theatre stage, and contrasting in style (it is your choice which is the full song and which is the cut).
  • Selections must be from selections written for the musical theatre stage; however, we encourage the creative re-imagining of classic repertoire. Questions regarding the appropriateness of selections may be directed to the MT Chair*Your “full” song may be cut to fit the allotted time

Submitting Your Song Selections

  • The 2-song package will be due on 1/8/24:
    • This includes the entire 3’30” package (with both the full song and the 16-32 bar cut)
    • Submit materials
    • All submissions are due no later than 11:59pm on January 8, 2024
    • Please note that this is a hard deadline, so we can begin to prepare materials for our time together!


Pre-Festival Checklist

Production Nominees

  •  Confirm your intent to participate (12/15/23 – see link above)
  •  Submit song selection materials (sheet music in the proper key with all cuts) (1/8/24 – see link above) 


  • Submit audition to participate (12/22/23 – see link above)
  • Await communication to see if you’ve been selected (12/29/23)
  •  If selected, submit song selection materials (sheet music in the proper key with all cuts)  (1/8/24 – see link above)

Please contact Karen Oster, Chair, KCACTF Region 1, Musical Theatre [email protected] if you have any questions.