Vice-Chair, Arts Administration & Management

The Vice-Chair of Arts Administration supports the Chair of Arts Administration & Management and Festival and Regional operations in a range of areas including website updates, online Festival Registration, database (Airtable) support, Festival Information Desk coordination, Front of House management for invited shows and other organizational functions. This individual also assists with the Arts Administration internship program, which mentors students interested in Arts Administration and Management through hands on experience at the Festival.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Attend (virtually or in-person, as needed) planning meetings and regional board meetings (typically monthly via Zoom, and in-person in June and September)
  • Collaborate with the Regional Board to ensure just and equitable practices in programming, recruiting of guest artists and response to and celebration of student work
  • Attend Production Respondent training and respond to at least one student production per semester
  • Attend the annual Regional Festival typically held in the last week of January (housing and meals provided)
  • Collaborate with Festival Planning Committee on the scheduling of Festival Events and configure Festival agenda (using tools such as “Sched” or “Guidebook,” etc.)
  • Help to prepare registration materials, merit awards and final award certificates for the Festival (all equipment and materials provided by Region)
  • Help organize Arts Administration interns for on site Festival Support (front of house, Festival Information Desk, etc.)
  • Contribute to marketing and communication with students, faculty and guest artists prior to and during the Festival


  • Candidates should have at least a part-time affiliation with an institution of higher learning.
  • Candidates should have demonstrated experience in arts administration or event planning/management
  • We are seeking applicants that represent a diverse array of lived experiences, including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender identity, educational background and more.

Term of Service: Typically, board members serve a term of 3 years as Vice-Chair and 3 years as Chair, but this can be adjusted for individual circumstances.


The goals of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival are:

To encourage, recognize, and celebrate the finest and most diverse work produced in university and college theater programs
To provide opportunities for participants to develop their theater skills and insight; and achieve professionalism
To improve the quality of college and university theater in America
To encourage colleges and universities to give distinguished productions of new plays, especially those written by students; the classics, revitalized or newly conceived; and experimental works.
Through state, regional, and national festivals, KCACTF participants celebrate the creative process, see one another’s work, and share experiences and insights within the community of theater artists. The KCACTF honors excellence of overall production and offers student artists individual recognition through awards and scholarships in playwriting, acting, criticism, directing, and design. KCACTF is a year-round program in eight geographic regions in the United States.

Welcome candidates!

We are seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation as well as areas of creative specialty/interest. Please include a brief personal statement that addresses the ways in which your lived experiences might enhance or support diversity within Region 1.

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